Kunst dem Volk – No 09-10, 1944

Kunst dem Volk – No 09-10, 1944


KUNST DEM VOLK (Art of the Nation) was one of the most important and prestigious art publications produced during the Third Reich.

The Volume is now 6th Year. Kunst dem Volk existed before its Nazification and the year of publication reflected this. Then in 1944, its sixth year of publication by Heinrich Hoffman, it was changed to reflect more directly Hoffman’s takeover from 1939)

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This is the last issue of Kunst dem Volk and features a report on what would also be the last House of German Art exhibition in München.

Most Third Reich magazines that were still being produced at this time stopped publishing altogether around August 1944 due to the war and paper shortages. After that date, only key NSDAP newspapers and a very few magazines were printed, and even then in a very reduced and infrequent form.

Work featured in this issue includes artworks and sculptures by regime favourites like Josef Thorak, Sepp Hils, Fritz Klimsch, and others.

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