Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth training manuals were four similar publications aimed at leaders and potential leaders within the four key branches of the Hitler Youth.

The four publications were Die Kameradeschaft, Die Jungenschaft, Die Mädelschaft and Die Jungmädelschaft. The four divisions of the Hitler Youth were the Jungvolk for boys aged 10-14 and the Jungmädel for girls aged 10-14. Thereafter there was the Bund Deutscher Mädel for girls aged 14-18 years and the Hitler Youth for similarly aged boys.

From late 1936 membership in the Hitler Youth became compulsory for all ‘Aryan’ children with over five million enrolled. Each local troop were encouraged to hold weekly meetings with the troop leader being chosen from within their ranks. Usually, one of the older boys or girls and these bi-monthly publications were intended to provide guidance and information on National Socialist ideology as well as general related knowledge.

The first issues began in late 1933 and were published monthly but from early 1938 each title had two editions, and A and B issue formatted for different age groups. For example, Edition A of Die Jungmädelschaft was intended for girls 10-11, Edition B for those 12-13.

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