For sale here are original copies of ‘Zeitgeschichte in Wort in Bild’ (Contemporary History in Words and Pictures) a three-volume set covering the history of the German Reich from 1918 (the end of the First World War) to 1933 when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor.

Although missing the third volume it is the second volume that is always the most sought after as it deals with the formation and rise of the early Nazi Party (NSDAP), the Munich Putsch and Hitler’s subsequent imprisonment etc.

Each volume has over 500 pages and is lavishly illustrated with many incredible photographs many of which I have never seen reproduced elsewhere.

Both volumes are hardback and in really good condition with no marks, tears or age-related yellowing.

Each book measures 8 x 10 inches.

Volume 1 has 512 pages and volume 2 has 520 pages.

Be warned these are seriously heavy so I will send via DHL/Fedex for safety which will be £15 for UK customers