Deutsche Jugendburg

‘Deutsche Jugendburg, meaning roughly, Geman Youth Castle, was published monthly from October 1933 through to December 1944 when, during the war years, its publication was reduced to b-monthly and then tri-monthly before stopping altogether. The number of pages per issue also fell from 32 per issue to 16 at the start of the war, to just 8 at its close.

Size: 210mm x 280mm except for incredibly rare issues from 1933 (year 1) which were much smaller and only slightly bigger than A5.

Deutsche Jugendburg, named after the numerous small castles dotted around Germany were utilised as hostels for members of the Hitler Youth, was one of the most important National Socialist publications for younger pupils with its child-friendly illustrations often distracting from its strong ideological content.

There are two variations of this magazine:

Deutsche Jugendburg – Ausgabe A – a very heavily illustrated version aimed specifically at the youngest children in their first two years at school

Deutsche Jugendburg – The main magazine aimed at children from 8 up to 12-14 years.

Both publications were founded by Hans Schemm, leader of the NSLB (National Socialist Teachers Association), and a key member of the Nazi party who had been belonged to the Freikorps Bayreuth in 1919 and met with AH in 1923.

Children and teenagers were organised in the various organisations of the Hitler Youth as listed below and magazines like Deutsche Jugendburgh, Hilf Mit! and others played an important role in propagating Nazi ideology.

Jungvolk / Jungmädel: Boys/Girls 10-14 years

Hitler Youth / BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädel): Boys/Girls 15-18 years

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